Our method

Our tailor-made language courses focus on oral practice with the aim of developing communication.

The Alive & Speaking method - consists of a total immersion of the student in the corresponding language. So that you can speak and think in the new language from the first class.

The A&S method is based on:

  Your needs are our priority.

  We listen to the student and their linguistic needs, then we design a tailor-made program.

  Large portfolio of highly qualified native trainers. One of the keys to the success of the Alive & Speaking method are native trainers. Native level with excellence in training and extensive and proven experience in teaching.

  Total immersion from the first day of class.

  The class is taught entirely in the chosen language. The trainer uses different methods for the student to speak throughout the class.

  Intensive role work.

  Work groups are formed to practice the oral. The trainer supervises the oral production of the student.

  Advanced techniques. To speed up the language learning process, discovery and recycling techniques are used, among others.

The success obtained with our method allows us to guarantee learning for all our students.