Why Alive & Speaking

Alive & Speaking is a company that offers language services to companies and individuals. We specialize in teaching and mastering English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Catalan and Spanish for non-native students in these languages.

Reasons why choose Alive & Speaking:

  We have a fast and innovative learning method. In just two months the student appreciates how he can speak and practice what he has learned in class.

  Our broad portfolio of teaching staff is highly qualified, with years of teaching experience, specializing in different fields. It is able to adapt to each of the student's linguistic needs.

Our courses are totally tailored to the client's needs. A free audit is made to evaluate the level of the student. From there, our teaching professionals advise the student in the design of their tailor-made course.

  Our courses are oriented to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). In this way, the language level that the student acquires is recognized and validated throughout Europe.

  Specifically in English, we also prepare for the Cambridge exams: PET, BEC, FCE, CAE, CPE, obtaining a 95% of passed in the official exams

  We closely monitor student progress. We present reports on the progress of the students in each of the aspects of the language.

  Our clients are very happy with the value for money of the language services that we offer, which is why they recommend us.

  At the beginning of the course we offer a CD so that they can practice from home. We also give our students free access to our media library that has a large amount of material that is periodically renewed including: grammar and pronunciation exercises, reading articles and videos to enjoy.

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