Seven Fun Christmas Expressions!

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Author: Ariana Abraham

How to express our emotions during winter season? Would you like to use neat cool expressions? Well here you are 😉

Let’s see seven colourful Christmas expressions that may be used during this season but also all year round!


  •  To be in the Christmas spirit


It is when you feel happy about Christmas and want to celebrate it.


We are very excited to share the Christmas spirit with our family and friends.




  •  Drink, eat and be merry


To encourage others to enjoy life now, while they can.

example: Come on, people, this is a party—eat, drink, and be merry!





  • The proof is in the pudding


It means you should try things  if you want to know about its effectiveness and success.

example: people say that yoga helps you to be in peace and quiet but as you know the proof is in the pudding. I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks after trying it.






  •  To be merry

To  feel happy or jolly. 2. (informal) when you are a little drunk and happy.

example: I’m merry because I’m spending a white christmas with my family this year

After the third beer, he began to feel merry.





  • To light up like a Christmas tree

Academia-de-idiomas-para-empresas-Madrid- Barcelona-y-Málaga


To be jolly about something or somebody.

example: I lit up like a Christmas tree when my mother told me she got a plane ticket to Barcelona to come to visit me.







  • Christmas comes early this year!


When a happy surprise comes to your life before Christmas like a date, a gift or a wonderful experience. 

example: the mother told the child: «Christmas comes early this year! Look what I got for you, a puppy!»

  • To be stuffed like a turkey


It is when you have eaten a lot and you feel full. Turkeys are stuffed with vegetables, spices and other ingredients to be cooked for Christmas.

example: Please don’t serve me anymore I’m stuffed like a turkey.

I hope you put these expressions into practice next time you speak English. You may find more English fun stuff in our blog. Merry Christmas to all of you!
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