7 Cute Christmas Idioms

Seven cute Christmas idioms


Author: Ariana Abraham

How to express our emotions during the winter season? Would you like to use cool Christmas idioms with your friends? Well here you are 😉 Let’s see seven colorful Christmas idioms that may be used during this season but also all year round! 

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English idioms for Christmas!

Christmas-English lesson

To be merry

Christmas idiom to express happiness or be happy 

example: She’s merry because she’s spending a white Christmas with her family this year in the Alps. 

2. informal when you are a little playfully drunk

After the third beer, he began to feel merry and started joking.

Like turkey voting for Christmas - English expression

Like turkey voting for Christmas

Christmas idiom to choose a situation that will be harmful to you. Turkeys are often cooked for a Christmas meal so it would be silly they vote for Christmas, don’t you think?

example: We have people supporting a politician that would eliminate their work security and health benefits. They are like turkeys voting for Christmas.


drink, eat and be merry- English lesson

Drink, eat and be merry

Christmas idiom to encourage others to enjoy life as much as they can

example: Come on, guys, have fun. Eat, drink, and be merry. This is Christmas Eve!

To be in the Christmas spirit

Christmas idiom to show a positive attitude towards this festivity, behaving cheerful, thankful and kind with others.  

example: They are in the Christmas spirit doing some charity work in their neighborhood with poor kids.

To light up like a Christmas tree- English lesson

To light up like a Christmas tree

Christmas idiom to show you feel jolly about something. 

example: I lit up like a Christmas tree when my mother told me she got a plane ticket to come to visit me. She lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw the 3 wise men in the parade.

The proof is in the pudding- english lesson

The proof is in the pudding

You need to try people or things to find out what they are like.

example: People say that meditating is good to be in peace and quiet but as you know the proof is in the pudding. 

Sometimes kids complain that they do not want to eat something and I tell them: ”Well the proof is in the pudding.» 

Christmas comes early this year-english lesson

Christmas comes early this year!

A Christmas idiom to talk about a happy surprise that comes to your life before Christmas.

Example: the mother told the child: «Christmas comes early this year! Look what I got for you: a puppy!»

I hope you put these expressions into practice next time you speak English. You may find more English fun stuff in our courses:
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